Functional movement to promote your health

What does functional movement mean? And how can you apply it in your daily life? You can read all about it in this article.

| Chris Stienenbos Chris Stienenbos
Functional movement to promote your health

Let me briefly introduce myself: my name is Chris Stienenbos, owner and trainer at Fit Functional and physical therapist (i.o.). Fit Functional offers functional sports training based on physiotherapeutic knowledge in the fresh outdoors. My personal goal is to make the world realize that everyone is an athlete. I want to convince you of this too! In addition, respect and sociability are very important to me. ‘Because everyone is an athlete on their own level’.

The problem

Approximately 50% of the Dutch population does not meet the NL exercise standard. This is a huge target group and with Fit Functional we try to get as large a group as possible of non-athletes into sports. We do this by offering functional sports training where the adult Dutch person can participate at his or her own level. We set the expectation of “having to play sports” low. As a result, athletes view our workouts as low-threshold and achievable for any level.


Functional training

By performing functional sports training, you will ensure that you get to a good physical level that will allow you to easily perform your everyday activity. Functional training consists of exercises that improve your coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility and speed. Also, all exercises are related back to everyday activities, such as:

  • Daily activity: getting up and sitting from a chair - Exercise: the squat.
  • Daily activity: lifting something from the ground - Exercise: the deadlift.
  • Daily activity: tying shoes - Exercise: the lunge.

Functioneel bewegen

Get in motion at your own level

My advice to everyone is; ‘come and exercise as much as you can, do it especially in a way that you feel comfortable and in a way that you enjoy.’

Functioneel bewegen 2

Want to know more?

If you ever have questions and/or want advice on anything related to functional sports, specific training structure, the human body, physical complaints and/or other aspects of sports or physical therapy. Please feel free to contact me, I will provide my contact information below.

Chris Stienenbos

Owner Fit Functional


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